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Kenneth Anger – Puce Moment (1949)

A soundtrack plays folk rock as a woman prepares, at noon, to take her Borzois for a walk. She goes through her dresses, all 1920’s style flapper gowns, holding them one at a time, shaking them as if they are dancing. She picks one – in puce. She puts it on, delighted, adds perfume, languishes on a chaise for a few minutes, then goes for her walk. It all has a 20’s feel.

Puce Moment was to be called Puce Women, but only this 6 minute fragment was finished. Situated in the 1920’s, it depicts a lady, Yvonne Marquis, selecting a dress to go out with her dogs. Puce is a colour, a hue of violet, popular in those times. Read More »